meet your sugar momma

In today’s generation, it is becoming more and more common to see age gaps between those in relationships. When it is older women and younger men may refer to this as having a sugar momma or cougar. There are several reasons why this has become more mainstream over the years. In the past it was very improper for women to ask a man out, now it is common to go (Dutch).

For those who are unfamiliar with this term going dutch means they both go out and split the bill. It was even frowned upon for the lady to make the first move.

Below you will see some reasons why older women are becoming more attracted to younger men.

Older Women Want to be in Charge – let’s just say it’s not just in the bedroom either. Many older women are feeling more submissive in relationships with their spouses or even those men their own age. In this new generation of cougars, the women are just at their life’s peak between the ages of 40-60. But for men at this age, they already want to settle down and enjoy ruling the house, bedroom, and other areas of their lives.

Older Women Want Their Men Fun & Playful – Men their age are typically already set in their ways they are not interested in trying new things. Although women often become curious and will often want to do more “new things”. Younger men are more adventurous and are willing to experiment with them. This makes life more exciting and fun.

Older Women Want Thrills & Excitement – Older women often are searching for new experiences. They want to relive their youthful years. Many can often feel more youthful especially with new advancements in technologies.

Older men, on the other hand, tend to be the opposite, staying at home and clinging to routine, giving women the need to look elsewhere for their thrills and excitement. Younger men are all too happy to spend time with them, and even dating them engaging in several thrilling activities.

Older Women Want to be the More Experienced One- When it comes to the bedroom older women are ready to be the more experienced one between the sheets. They enjoy showing off a tip or trick to the younger man. Feeling desired and needed again is often something they struggle with.

Older Women Want a Man Who is Available to Them – Older men have obligations, are married, or have families they are responsible for, while younger men tend to be more available and ready to go out on a whim. Often younger men don’t want any ties or obligations. This is a better fit for both the older women and the younger man.

In the end, it is really about what older women of this generation are looking for in a companion. Often these older women are called cougars, or sugar momma’s but they are simply women looking for the right match for them.

As we change so do our needs. Women are emotional beings and need companionship to fit how they are feeling at their age. In the past it was taboo but as the years change so does the way we look at our relationships and how we spend our time.

Below are a few tips on finding the right sugar momma for you:

Be a gentleman- Remember your manors. You know all that stuff your mother taught you about pulling out the women’s chair and opening doors for them? Yup, you guessed it. Watch the language too, this is not a child or young women she knows how a gentleman is supposed to behave.

Don’t be frugal– for those unsure what I mean, spend your money. Don’t be a tightwad at the time. Remember finding a sugar momma is an investment. So purchase little gifts and make her feel desired. An investment in your grooming, dressing, and yes have the right vehicle these women are no fools.

Bring her gifts – Why is this important you ask? Letting her know you are interested in her will require spending some money, should be on her. A dozen roses and a thoughtful card will go far to winning her heart. After all, it takes money to make money.

Find out where she hangs out– If you are looking make sure to hang-out where she would hang-out. For instance charities and fundraisers, the arts events, and even plays are great places to meet single wealthy women.

Compliment her- If you are being the perfect gentlemen then complimenting her is a great start. Be sure to encourage her and tell her how beautiful she is, after all, isn’t that what this is about.

Be unpredictable – don’t always have things planned out, be spontaneous, in whatever you two do. This will help in the future.

In Conclusion

Deciding to find a sugar momma can be a lifestyle change. After all, you need to figure out what type of sugar momma you want. That is what type of women you are looking for.  She will, of course, have something to say about her own search, after all, she is the one with all the money…

There are many ways to land a sugar momma in today’s times. Finding the right sugar momma is all about your look, style, and what you can provide for her not only just at this time but in the future as well. For those who are still not sure what to expect…well, use your imagination.