Let’s face it. Many questions have been posted about women reaching orgasm. You might be asking yourself, can a mature woman easy to experience orgasm? The answer to this question depends on how you prepare your woman during intercourse. Failing to prepare her will make her not to climax. For mature dating/cougar dating and sugar momma dating sites, their several ways you can follow to ensure your woman experience orgasm. Reaching orgasm is the most enjoyable thing during sex. Therefore you should focus on the following ways so as to allow your woman have an orgasm.

  1. You need to be a man

This is the first and most important element in ensuring your woman reaches orgasm. A woman will always assess your masculinity the very first day she meets you through the rest of your relationship. A good example of masculinity is how you hug her. Can you hug her and cuddle up to her or she cuddles you up?

Although it is simple to get a woman to reach orgasm it is also complex. If you can be a man enough to take your role consistently, she will definitely reach orgasm.

  1. Touch her all over her body.

You should not concentrate on specific areas of her body but instead touch her all over. Every part of her body is a sensual playground. Therefore, touch her everywhere. This can be achieved by massaging her whole body up to and including the genitals. Massaging her whole body offers her a deep relaxation thus making her have an orgasm easily. But ensure your message is gentle from her head to her toe. You can use massage lotions which are sold at bath and body shops.

  1. Slow down.

Take your time to warm her up with genital play. Unlike men, women need much more time to warm up to genital play. Remember you are not in a porn movie where everything is wham bam.  At this time, everything you do need to be at half speed.  In fact, sex therapists suggest at least 30 minutes of caressing, kissing, cuddling and a whole body massaging before reaching between her thighs.

  1. Apply lubricants

The more she becomes wetter the more likely she will reach orgasm. Therefore, use lubricants to make her genitals more erotically sensitive as this will help her have an orgasm. In fact, lubricants are good for women who are experiencing post-menopausal vaginal dryness. At this age, it feels uncomfortable for them to have sex without a lubricant. Most people use saliva as a lubricant it’s free and always available but it dries quickly and it’s also not very slippery. Therefore, try commercial lubricants.

  1. Make her the center of mind

The clitoris, this is the center of the orgasmic space for women. Use your fingers, your mouth or both on her clitoris. Some women don’t orgasm from penetration so ensure you aim to make her orgasm first. The clit is the little nub of tissue that protrudes outside the birth canal and a few inches above it underneath the upper junction of the birth can lips. Some women prefer a clitoral massage from hand to mouth or vibrator. Also, you should do this gently.

The last advice which can help you is to discuss with your woman so that you are able to know what she enjoys during sex so that you can concentrate on that to enable her to have an orgasm easily.