Advice category: Be impressive

  • Take it seriously. Use proper grammar and spelling. Do not be offensive. If you want to attract someone high quality, you have to be of high quality.
  • Flesh out your profile. Not saying enough is suspicious. Be prudent though; saying too much or something too personal can be off-putting.
  • Avoid cliches: everyone thinks they are the best, greatest, worst, most intelligent and gorgeous person on the planet. But what really is unique to you that makes you stand out? Be humble, but find your niche.

Happy Dating!

Advice category: Current, tasteful and complete

  1. Men are visual creatures so give them pictures. They, on the other hand, do not understand proper photo etiquette.
  2. Bathroom shots and car shots are the worst. Please invest in finding someone–anyone to help you take a full body shot that shows who you really are. Include a nice headshot or two and you are good to go.
  3. Too many may show that you are too into yourself. Nudity or emphasizing parts of your anatomy are crude. Leave something to the imagination. Partial ones–that do not show your entire face indicate deception. Ones with people of the opposite sex are confusing. Why are you looking if you have someone? And by all means, take off your wedding ring! Yes, we do look for tan lines too.
  4. Make sure your shots are current and truly reflect what you look like now. No one likes to be deceived. I admire folks that are less than perfect and yet have the courage to show you who they are.
  5. I know selfies are the rage, but if all you do is take and post them, that says something about your emotional security and self-esteem.


Advice category: Ending things

  • I know ghosting, fading and just dropping off the face of the earth seems viable,but don’t do it. It is so hurtful and hard to recover from.
  • Be an adult and admit your feelings. Address them with the other person in a kind,respectful and mature way.
  • Just running away makes you look like jerk and adolescent.
  • The only time it may be acceptable–if you feel as if you may be in physical danger.