There are several reasons ascribed as to why younger men opt for older women. Research has shown that most of the 21st-century young men would rather date an older woman than his age mate. With that said, here are some of the main reasons why younger men would prefer dating older women.

  • Older Women are Successful in Life

One of these reasons is that most young men view older women as successful. It is assumed that most of the women above the age of 45 are equipped financially. Hence, the young man tends to assume that he will not have any responsibilities. A young man is still establishing himself financially in life; he would, therefore, opt for a partner who does not depend on him.

  • Dating an Older Woman is Liberating.

Other younger men view young relationships as being in a trap because a majority are not ready for commitments ate their late 20s and early 30s. Initially, the relationship starts as a very fun adventure and both the man and woman are still getting to know each other. After a while, the young man will start to feel as if he is trapped into the claws of the younger woman who starts dreaming about their wedding and the children they will have. Although some men are comfortable with this, some feel chocked by the relationship and would rather settle with an elder woman who has gone through all these stages.

  • Older women are Realistic

A young couple is usually very optimistic when it comes to relationships, and they sometimes forget the realities of life. A younger man would prefer dating a mature woman who is fully experienced and cam differentiate realities from fantasy. Elder women are viewed as very realistic and open-minded, unlike a young woman who is still fantasizing on her prince charming and waiting to be carried in a chariot to their wedding. An older woman, according to younger men has been through it all and knows what love is hence she has realistic expectations.

  • Most Young women are Often Indecisive.

Mature dating is much more appealing to a younger since the older woman has already made all the necessary decisions in their lives. A young woman will make very important decisions about their lives in her 20s and 30s; this makes younger men run away from them as they fear when the lady is frustrated with her decisions she is likely to blame him for the wrong choices she mad.

  • Older Women will Not Rely on the Man’s Success

Moreover, a young woman will tend to view any man and measure him as per his success. This makes most young men who have still not made it life feel inadequate which bruises their ego, they, therefore, opt for an older woman who has probably made it in life and will not push him around. This makes younger men feel free and energetic in the relationship.

With that said, it is clear to see why younger men would prefer dating older women instead of young women. Apart from being financially independent, older women are realistic and much of the time exceedingly successful in life.