Cultures are evolving and more people are becoming open-minded to situations. More people are accepting the idea of an older woman dating a younger guy, this is because people are aware that age is just a number and what matters is the couple’s happiness and their compatibility.
Presidents have not been left behind, the French president, Emanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux who is 24 years older than him. However they are not alone, famous celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, Madonna, and many others have been known to date younger guys. Below are six reasons why sugar moma prefer younger men.

1. Most women in these types of relationships take control.
Women who are older are more experienced in life, and most of the time they take the lead and shows a younger guy how something is done. Most guys like this because they feel they are directed to a certain direction, unlike when they are dating a younger girl where he is expected to prove himself putting a lot of pressure on them.

2. Most younger guys have not gone through tough relationship issues.
Too many young guys having a cougar is a fantasy come true. Many have not gone through a divorce, death of a partner and bad relationships. When they get into a relationship with an older woman, enjoy because it is a new experience for them and will do anything to enjoy the experience.

3. Younger guys communicate better.
Younger guys are open about their feeling and they talk about them. This makes sugar moma feel easier when talking about how they feel. Older men have undergone life experiences that have toughened them up, making them more rigid and communication for them may be a challenge.

4. Younger guys are exposed and aware of the human behavior.
Many people have gone through school. This has exposed them to many people and situations that teaches them how to relate well with people. Younger guys know how to treat a woman better and know where not go and where to go when they are together with their woman.

Many older men are from a different generation that saw the world differently. They believed they are the ones who should be in control while younger guys believe both men and women are equal and have an equal say in a relationship.

5. They are more charming and sweet.
sugar moma find younger guys charming and sweet in their words. This makes a woman feel comfortable and adored something probably they haven’t felt in a long time. This builds a woman’s confidence since it is not often they are told sweet words from a younger guy.

6. They are more energetic.
Cougars enjoy having a good time too, and a younger guy is more energetic and open to trying new things that are fun and engaging. Also as a woman grows alder their libido also goes up, unlike older men younger guys have a lot of energy and are more sexually active.